DA - Beaver Bank Guardian Pharmacy - NS

Shawmut Cranes, Sales and Maintenance Facility, Elmsdale, NS

Glooscap Landing Gas, Coffee Franchise,and Convenience Store- Hantsport, NS

Glooscap First Nations Cultural, Library, and Daycare Centre - Hantsport, NS

Glooscap First Nations Administration Building Addition - Hantsport, NS

Glooscap First Nations Gas, Convenience & Gaming Centre - Hantsport, NS

Centre for Islamic Development - Three Storey Addition - Halifax, NS

Halifax Stanfield International Airport - Multiple Building Renovations and Addition - Halifax, NS

AKOMA Heritage Renovation and 300 Acre Master Plan, Dartmouth, NS

Maritime Aboriginal Council - Concepts -20 unit Apartment Building, Truro Heights, NS

Halifax - All Weather Field - Gender Neutral Washroom Building, Cole Harbour, NS

Cole Harbour Place, Reception Control Desk, Cole Harbour, NS

Lotus Point - 48 unit Apartment Building, Dartmouth, NS

Brookside - 26 unit Apartment Building, Mahone Bay, NS

Rigby Residence - Halifax, NS

Lewis Residence - Waverly, NS

Murdock Residence - Pugwash, NS

Dalhousie University - Multiple Small Renovations, Halifax, NS

Acadia University - Clark Terrace Fountain, Wolfville, NS

ABB Turbo - Production Facility, Bridgewater, NS

EagleBurgmann -Production and Design Facility, Dartmouth, NS

Hussain Residence - Timberlea, NS

GoodLeaf Community Farm - Bible Hill, NS

Acadia University - F.C. Manning School of Business at Patterson Hall - Wolfville, NS

Acadia University - Wu Welcome Centre at Alumni Hall - Wolfville, NS

Halifax City Lacewood Transit Terminal, NS

Acadia University - Arena Renewal - Wolfville, NS

Halifax Fire Station 14 Renovations - Dartmouth, NS

Halifax Fire Station 16 Renovations - Eastern Passage, NS

Halifax Fire Station 20 Renovations - Lawrencetown, NS

Kentville Fire Station - Concept Designs for Renovations - Kentville, NS

Acadia University - Student Union Building Renovations - Wolfville, NS

New Germany Rural High School Renovations - NS

Chester Area Middle School Renovations - NS

Acadia University - Science Complex Concept and Funding-Ready drawings - Wolfville, NS

Acadia University - Elliott Hall Interior Demolition - Wolfville, NS

Chain Yard Cider - Bar, Restaurant and Brewing Company, Halifax, NS

Sipekne'katik Pow Wow Stadium, Indian Brook, NS

Acadia University - Denton Hall Barrier Free Study, Wolfville, NS